Have you ever been on the highway and go to shift into 6th gear only to find you were already in 6th?  

Have you ever been sitting at a stop light, go to start off just to find that you are not in 1st gear?  

Have you ever forgotten what gear were in or found you are not in the gear you thought you were?

If you answered yes to either of these 3 questions then this maybe what you need!



Digital Gear Indicator

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I have them for the following Yamaha models:

DS7           1970-1972
R5             1970-1972
RD250       1973-1995
RD250LC  1980-1986
RD350       1973-1995
RD350LC  1980-1986
RD400       1976-1979
RZ250       1983-1995
RZ350       1983-1995




  • Display auto dimming for night riding 
  • Reverse polarity protection 
  • Surge protection 
  • Fuse protected 
  • 100% Water resistant 
  • Very Low current draw 
  • Will run for more than 6 hours in daylight on a single 9 volt battery (longer at night) 




  • Voltage range:                7 - 16 volt 
  • Current Draw:                75 mA (max) 
  • Black Box Dimensions:  3-7/8x 2-3/8x1 (100x 60x25mm) (H x W x D) 
  • Display Dimensions:      1x1x3/4 (25x25x19mm) (H x W x D) 
  • Fuse Rating:                  .5 2 amps (2A max) (comes with 2A fuse) 


Kit Includes:



This is NOT like those other universal gear indicators that require you to have a speed sensor or to mount one, then have to program it in order for it to work.  Then there are the one that require you to install magnets or sensors that always seem to come loose or show the wrong gear because you missed a gear or didn't move the shifter far enough for it to register what gear you are in.  This gear indicator is way better than that!

This unit is specific and custom built to work for these models and may also work on other 5 or 6 speed (5 or 6 gear) models that use the Yamaha part # 1L9-82540-00-00 or 278-82540-01-00 neutral switch assembly. 

In order for this gear indicator to function you will need to splice into the your existing wiring to power the unit. Inside the headlight bucket is the ideal locations for these connections.  The only electrical connections required are ground (-) and a switched power source (+). Most Yamaha's models use the light brown colored wire for switching 12+v power (+) (not to be confused with the dark brown for the left indicator) and the frame for ground (-). To install you must remove the left engine side cover to replace the existing neutral switch assembly with the one in this kit. Route the wires and mount the digital indicator display. Typical install takes about 30 - 120 minutes depending on the skill set of the installer.

Now with this gear indicator it is a bolt on "plug-n-play" and you are all set. There is NO programming or complicated set up in order for it to work. It will correctly and reliably tell you what gear you are in with no errors or mistakes. If you miss a gear or miss a shift it will still show the correct gear when you do find the gear. 

This can even be used on your race bike and be setup to run on a single 9 volt battery for more than 6 hours.  You can use just about any external power source to power this gear indicator.

Display color options: Blue, Red or Green.  

Limited supply, so get them while you can! 


If you are interested in one of these cool items or have any question  Email: gear-indicator@2stroketuner.com






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